In 1996, Hurricane Edouard approached the Northeast US on Labor Day weekend.  There was a 7-year-old boy in Northbridge, Massachusetts, the heart of the Blackstone Valley, who found himself in front of the TV for most of the weekend.  Something about the satellite presentation of the hurricane lit a burning weather passion in this young boy.  The storm passed about 75 miles offshore but that didn’t stop Zachary Green from staring out the window the entire time, mesmerized by 50 MPH winds.

15 years later, Zachary Green graduated from Umass-Lowell with a degree in Atmospheric Science and he started a Facebook-based weather blog.  After 6 years of covering Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, the 2011 Halloween Nor’easter, the Blizzards of 2013 and 2015, the winter of 2014-15, and countless smaller weather systems, the weather blog is evolving into a weather service.

There are two “Zack Green’s” who are meteorologist’s in Southern New England.  This blog has no affiliation with NBC 10’s Zack Green.