Tuesday 6/6 MLB Outlook

There is a full slate of MLB games on the schedule for today.  There are no afternoon games today.  Seven games kick off between 7-8 PM, four more between 8-9 PM, and four games in the late window.  Precipitation may impact a few of the 7 PM games and one of the 8 PM window games.  Winds will be a factor for the Northern and Midwestern games today.

General Discussion

High pressure in Central Canada slowly descending towards the Great Lakes.  This is helping to move a giant upper-atmosphere low-pressure system off the East Coast.  As it does this, precipitation is slowly working east towards the Atlantic in the Northeast.  The heaviest rain is falling in Upstate New York and New England.  The general wind circulation pattern in the Northeast and Midwest in NE to N.  In the South, the same high-pressure system is moving a cold front southward.  This means a lot of rain is likely in LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, and FL.   Meanwhile, a disturbance in the Rockies will trigger PM showers and thunderstorms along the front range.

WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Tuesday 2 PM

Temperatures in the Northeast will run 15-20 degrees below average with some locations nearly 30 degrees below where we should be in early June.  In the Pacific Northwest, temperatures will run nearly 30 degrees above average.  In Phoenix, there is an excessive heat warning for max temperatures around 107.  The rain in the Southeast will keep temperatures below average.

NWS Max Temperature Anomaly Tuesday (image Weatherbell)

The Early Slate (7-8 PM first pitch)


The Middle America Slate (8-9 PM First Pitch)

The Late Slate (First Pitch after 9 PM)

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