Fantasy Baseball Forecast June 7, 2017

The Wednesday MLB slate kicks off with three afternoon games, all featuring Western Division home teams.  Six games begin in the 7 -8 PM window while four games will start between 8-9 PM.  Finally, two games out west will start after 930 PM.  Weather is potentially a factor in Seattle and Denver and a few games will have favorable winds blowing out towards the outfield.

General Weather Discussion

Here is the future radar over the next 18-hours.  A few pop-up showers are possible in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Dallas but these will diminish as the sun sets.  In what might be the first compliment ever paid to the Trop, it is a good thing they have a roof as heavy rain and thunderstorms are pulverizing Florida today.

14z HRRR 18-hour Simulated Radar through Thursday 4 AM (image Weatherbell)

Let’s get right to the afternoon games.  The Cleveland/Colorado matchup will be interesting in the late innings.

Afternoon Forecast

Let’s zoom right into the Denver metro area and look at the future radar.  This begins at 3 PM EST (1 PM MST) and ends at 10 PM EST (8 PM MST).  Coors Field is located near the convergence of highways Southwest of the Airport (labeled DEN).   It looks like some weak showers are possible in the middle innings, but the heaviest rain will avoid the area until 8 PM EST (6 PM MST).

15z HRRR Simulated Radar 3 PM to 10 PM (image Weatherbell)

Winds will blow out in both LA and Oakland.  The difference is Kershaw is dueling Strasburg while Liriano and Cotton have both had up and down seasons so far.  Load up on the A’s/Jays.

Early Evening Forecast

Any showers/storms will dissipate in Baltimore, Arlington, and Atlanta.

Mid-Evening Forecast

Late Night Forecast

The only other game with a potential weather issue is Minnesota/Seattle.  It’s too bad this game is not a 4 PM start because the weather is nice on the West Coast today.

In Seattle, we have a Pacific storm moving into British Columbia.  It’s trailing cold front will send periods of rain into the Northwest late tonight and tomorrow.


WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Wednesday 8 PM

Here is the radar between 10 PM and 2 AM in Seattle tonight.

15z HRRR Simulated Radar Wednesday 10 PM to Thursday 2 AM (image Weatherbell)

This is good news because it keeps Safeco dry until around 130 AM.   There are 12 games tomorrow so check back in tomorrow for the latest MLB forecast.

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