New England Weekend Forecast 6/16-6/19

It’s never too early to start thinking about the weekend.  We are now over halfway there.  The first glance at this weekend’s forecast reveals a return of moisture to the Northeast.  A building ridge in the Atlantic will keep a storm system in Canada at bay, but the Southerly flow will re-introduce warm and humid air.  Showers and thunderstorms will erupt at times while at other times it will be dry.  Temperatures are not expected to rise into the 90’s this time.  The Warm frontal boundary will be present across Southern New England on Saturday and that will provide a spark for showers and thunderstorms.   Temperatures will warm into the upper 70’s/low 80’s on Sunday as the warm front lifts into Northern New England.  This will provide a spark for showers and thunderstorms across the Green and White Mountains.


Here is forecast surface chart with fronts and precipitation from the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) Friday at 8 AM.

WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Friday 8 AM

This warm front wants to move NE into New England but the ridge in the Atlantic will push back keeping it just to our west.  Temperatures will be in the upper 60’s and low 70’s on Friday across all of New England.  It will be cooler across the Green and White Mountains because that is where precipitation is expected to fall.

NWS Max Temperatures Friday (image Weatherbell)

The Storm Prediction Center has parts of VT and Southern New England (south of the Pike) in a general thunderstorm risk.  If you look at the configuration of the map below you can see where they think the warm front will land Friday afternoon.  Showers and thunderstorms will develop South of the MA Pike as warm and humid air create an unstable environment.  You can also see the effect of the warm front in the temperature chart above.  It will be 85 in Pittsburgh but just 65 in Portland, ME.

SPC Day 3 Thunderstorm Outlook

In Vermont precipitation begins between 5-9 AM.  Some of this precipitation will fall in the Berkshires.  That wave of precipitation will track into NH/ME Friday AM and early PM.  In SNE it will stay dry until late afternoon/evening.  That is when some storms will fire in MA/RI/CT.


Overnight temperatures will fall into the upper 50’s by Saturday AM.  Some strong storms will be possible Friday night into Saturday AM.  Dew points will be rising Friday night and they will be in the low 60’s by Saturday AM.  Showers will likely continue Saturday AM as dew points rise even higher into the mid to upper 60’s.  A boundary just north of the New England/Canadian border will serve as a trigger for some storms through the Lakes Region Saturday Afternoon.

NWS Max Temperatures Saturday (image Weatherbell)

The frontal boundary will stall out on Saturday evening.  Outside of Maine, low temperatures on Sunday AM will be in the 60’s.


It will be warm on Muggy on Father’s Day.  Sunday is looking like the driest day of the weekend but it won’t feel that way with dew points in the upper 60’s and low 70’s.  High pressure will destroy take care of the old frontal boundary so only a few showers are likely Sunday PM.

WPC Surface Fronts/Pressure Sunday 8 AM

Temperatures will climb into the low 80’s thanks to more sunshine on Sunday.  This looks like the only possible beach day this weekend.  It will be nice even in the lakes and mountains of Northern New England.

NWS Max Temperatures Sunday (image Weatherbell)

We will fine tune this forecast on Friday AM.  Happy Hump Day.

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