MLB Daily Forecast 6/17/17

Periods of rain showers and thunderstorms will interrupt the O’s/Cards and D-backs/Phillies games today.  I know I said that yesterday but the radar last night had storms just to the south and west of the ballparks.  Today looks just as questionable, if not more so because the games are scheduled at 405 PM.   This post will be updated early this afternoon.

Here is the simulated radar for Baltimore, Philly, and New Y0rk City.  This looks worse on the model than it does on the actual radar.  There are certainly tropical downpours in the Mid-Atlantic, but they are not as large as the model depicts.  Still lightning will be an automatic delay in Philly.

17z HRRR Simulated Radar 1 PM through 7 AM (image Weatherbell)

In Atlanta, storms will fire and move into the metro area around 6-7 PM.  I think they remain south of the new ballpark, but lightning could be close enough.  Atlanta is the traffic cluster in the center of the image.  The ballpark is on the NW side near the NGE airport marker.

17z HRRR 15 min 18 hours Simulated Radar (image Weatherbell)


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