March 13, 2018 Winter Storm Live Blog

Update 16- 642 PM

Well, I’m just about spent.  One last band of snow is rotating through Eastern MA and another in Central MA.  One more inch of snow is likely in the Blackstone Valley.  An additional 2-4″ are likely across Eastern MA.

WSI Intellicast Northeast Regional Radar

It is on to ME, NH, & VT for the most part.  Snow showers will linger tonight and tomorrow.  We will get some melting thanks to the March sun angle.  Here are the final visible satellite images of the evening as the sun sets on this nor’easter.

GOES 16 Visible Satellite (image College of DuPage NEXLAB)

That’s just about it for me.  I will post the final snow totals when they become available.  The next update should be just after 7 PM.

Update 15- 404 PM

Update 14- 240 PM

2 PM snow totals from the NWS.  With the heavy band sitting over Southern Worcester County, expect these totals to go way up with the next update.

Update 13- 222 PM

Update 12- 140 PM

I took a break to go outside and enjoy the storm.  I measured an average of 11.5″ of snow.  There is a nearly stationary band of heavy snow just to that extends from Manchester, NH through Worcester and Eastern CT.  This band is clipping Northbridge and Uxbridge.  Under this band snow rates are 3-4″/hr.  The snow is light and fluffy which helps the accumulation.  This will continue through early evening.  If you head out to shovel now, you’ll have to do another pass this evening.

Update 11- 1146 PM

Snow totals coming in.  Southern Worcester County, Northern RI, and the Bridgewater area are the big winners so far.

Update 10- 1121 AM

Official blizzard at the Cape.  We are about halfway done in terms of snow accumulation.  A lot of the remaining accumulation will be in the next few hours as temperatures cool and the snow fluff factors increases.

Update 9- 1100 AM

Update 8- 1010 AM

Power outages are up to nearly 90K in MA, with most of them in Eastern MA.  There is a bit of a lull across Southern Worcester County as of 1010 AM, but a heavy band is pivoting our way.  1-3″/hr snow rates are likely in the next two hours.

WSI Intellicast Northeast Regional Radar 1010 AM

Update 7- 915 AM

Thundersnow in Plymouth!  It is ripping in the Blackstone Valley.  Could we see some +tssn of our own?  It’s not impossible.

RadarScope SNE Radar Tuesday 906 AM

There are reports of 6″ in Grafton.

Update 6- 853 AM

Good Morning, Beautiful!  Few things in meteorology are as pretty as an east coast extratropical cyclone.

GOES 16 Visible Satellite Loop (Image College of DuPage NEXLAB)

The pressure has dropped to 974 mb, qualifying this as a meteorological bomb.

WPC Northeast Surface Analysis 5 AM Tuesday

Update 5- 845 AM

Power outages are up to nearly 43,000 as of 845 AM.  The outage in Upton has been restored.  Most are in Eastern MA and along the coast but a few have popped up in Northbridge, Upton, Millbury, and Worcester.

MEMA Outage Map 845 AM

Update 4- 820 AM

For Southern Worcester County and NE MA, I’d say we have started off a bit slower than expected with respect to snowfall accumulation.  That is starting to change as a band of heavy snow rotates in past 495.


Auburn has reported 4″ of snow.  It looks like 3″ in Northbridge.  By noon we should be between 6-12″.  It will depend on whether or not the heavy band sits over Worcester County for a few hours.

Update 3- 641 AM

If you have to be out today, traffic is slow.  Accidents are being reported on I-95.  There are localized slow spots on 146 South, 395, and 495.

630 AM SNE Traffic

Power outages are beginning to ramp up as trees weakened from the past few storms are already coming down.  Upton has 567 customers without power as of 638 AM.  That is 18% of the town.  The outage is on Westboro Road.  Another outage is reported on Quaker Street in Northbridge.

National Grid Outage Map Upton 641 AM

Update 2- 600 AM

A special weather statement has been issued for SE MA, most of RI, NE CT, and Southeast Worcester County including Northbridge/Uxbridge.


This band is moving east at 25 MPH.  This will quickly coat the roads and will reduce visibility to near 0 miles.

RadarScope SNE Radar 555 AM

It’s on now.

Update 1- 452 AM

I decided to stop fighting it.  I’ve been awake since 4 AM getting hyped for this storm.  I wanted to sleep until 6 but it’s a hopeless situation.  So here we are.  Here is the latest…

A blizzard warning is now posted for the City of Boston (also includes Cambridge, Somerville)

NWS Early AM Headlines

The storm has that classic look on satellite.

GOES 16 IR satellite (image College of DuPage NEXLAB)

The snow is really starting to fill in now.  The first heavy band is just about to arrive along the South Coast.  This will rotate towards the Blackstone Valley by 6-7 AM.  Snowfall rates of 1-2″/hr at the very least will be common with this band.

WSI Intellicast Northeast Regional Radar

Roads will become snow covered shortly in the Blackstone Valley and along and north of the MA Pike.  By mid to late morning and early this afternoon snow rates of 1-3″/hr will be common all across Southern New England.

07z HRRR 1 hr snowfall rates Tuesday 12 PM (image Weatherbell)

Temperatures are currently around 32 even in Worcester County.  As the snow intensity ramps up, temperatures will fall into the upper 20’s allowing for the fluffy snow to start to pile up.  I’m still expecting 12-18″ for most with 18-24″ in Plymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable counties.

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